Dr Feelgood CHOCOHOLIC & BANOFFEE EASTER SUNDAE! To make 2 Sundaes: 1 x Dr F Chocoholic pop 1 x Dr F Banoffee pop Sliced banana Whipped cream Hot chocolate sauce Optional – chopped walnuts, little pieces of chocolate brownie or similar Hot chocolate sauce recipe (made using raw ingredients from the Dr F pantry) 3 Tbsp organic coconut sugar 1.5Tbsp organic raw cacao 1 Tbsp Lewis Road Creamery organic salted butter 1 Tbsp water Mix together and heat until melted (do not boil) Chop the Dr F pops into bite size chunks, layer with the banana, whipped cream, brownie chunks, hot chocolate sauce and sprinkle with walnuts

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Photo taken at: New Zealand

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